Today 22.04.2022, we celebrate Earth Day

Today 22.04.2022, we celebrate Earth Day, it is important to protect our planet, which guarantees our lives. Today, we should encourage all people to think about how they can contribute to protecting and improving the environment. Clogging of our planet with waste and toxic substances is thus making the earth’s ecosystem, climate and environment worse. Most of the Earth’s surface is water, most of it is water and without water we will not survive for more than a few days. The decline in quality drinking water is starting to be a huge problem.Current climate change includes man-made global warming and its effects on the weather on Earth planet.

Climate change can also be observed for more than 5 years in Iraq, which is manifested mainly in the lack of rainfall and thus the reduction of water levels and reservoirs, manifested by the drying of water wells or the reduction of water springs. All this affects the quantity and quality of water pumped for the population of this region. Lack of water contributes to more frequent sandstorms, which are dangerous to the human body specially to those sho have got asthma as a chronic disease. With the soil that was once fertile, where crops were grown, there are now only dusty plains.It is great to have this projects, which we can implement.

Many thanks go to financial support of the project from the official development assistance program of the Slovak Republic, SlovakAid and our partners to the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia and the Slovak Catholic Charity. We together contribute to the renewal of water resources and protect the environment and thus our planet from excess waste as there are, for example, the empty bottles thrown from car windows etc.. Other of the many activities we help prevent environmental pollution are lectures on water conservation, cultivation and breeding activities, raising people’s subconscious how important it is to protect our planet.

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