Shingala Azad Organization for Social Development

Information about Our Organization

The name Shingala Azad translates as “free Shingal.”

The non-governmental, non-profit organization Shingala Azad was created in 2015 for the purpose of cooperating with other local and international organizations with a view to helping and supporting local people of the Nineve province, the city of Sinjar/Shingal and people in refugee camps in the area. The activities of Shingala Azad include also provision of medical, food and social help, fight for women’s and children’s rights, for rights of the victims of the war against the so-called Islamic State, refugees and all those who need such help both in the Iraqi Kurdistan and the whole Iraqi Republic.

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Our greatest achievements

Together with our partners, our organization helps to improve the lives of local people. Here are the biggest projects:

World Water Day 2023 - Shingala Azad Organization

Securing water resources in the municipalities of Hasan Ava and Shekha in 2020 to 2022:

Our Partners

Here are listed all partners who have been involved in helping the organization. If you are interested, you can become another partner. Just contact us at the phone number or e-mail address provided.

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