At the moment there is no longer a country that would cause the presence of corona virus not confirmed. We are all concerned abou tis spread and the severity of the infection. Each Member State shall be entitled to vombat this dinase. This probably the political situation in Iraq. In the more autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, measures against the spread of the crown of the virus are the most komplex, where there are still a large number of broadcasters from the Ninevh and neighboring Syria. To visit 26.03.2020 Iraq reports 346 infected people and 29 dead. Installed, novel construction works, students, project through the SlovakAid project can use a source of drinking water for the municipalities of Bashika and Bahzani. Our local partner Shingala Azad is also helping in many different ways locally. Although the situation is difficult, everywhere in the Word, we Belize that we can hadle it with a common visito rand realize a lot of good projects.
β€žThe project implemented together with Caritas Slovakia is funded by Official Development Assistance of the Slovak Republic, SlovakAid and partially by Slovakia’s Catholic Bishops’ Conference.β€œΒ 
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