Agriculture plays a key role in food security

In Iraq, agricultural and livestock activities were an important element of the economy in the past. Agriculture plays a key role in providing food for the population and creating jobs. Agriculture in Iraq is affected by the climate, as there is not enough rainfall for 5 years, although some areas are suitable for agricultural production. The main crops are cereals such as wheat and barley, as well as fruits, vegetables and cotton. Livestock activities include cattle rearing. However, in recent years, these activities have been affected by various factors, including drought, water scarcity, and economic conditions. Securing new sources of drinking water is very important, but securing water sources for agricultural purposes is also a key issue, especially in arid regions. Modernizing infrastructure and sustainable farming methods play a role in supporting the resilience of the agricultural sector. Thanks to the implementation of our project in the villages of Hatarah and Bagera, which was completed in October 2023, where we implemented the construction of wells and where we held professional seminars on the topic of development in cultivation and breeding activities, they supported and improved the conditions for their development. Thanks to funding from the development assistance program of Slovakia, SlovakAid and the Bishops’ Conference of Slovakia, KBS and our partner Slovak Catholic Charity.

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