Today, March 22, is International Water Day

Today, March 22, is International Water Day.
The priority of our humanitarian organization, Shingala Azad for Social Development, is to secure sources of drinking water, as well as useful water for the local and displaced people of Iraq and the Kurdistan region of Iraq. One of the most serious problems around the world, including in Iraq, is the lack of clean water sources.
Right on World Water Day, we are launching a new project “Development support through the provision of Mam-Rashan drinking water sources”. It is worth mentioning that the financial support from the Slovak official development aid program, Slovakaid, is highly valued and appreciated.
The main goal of the project is to put in water filtration systems for homes and cooling systems with filtration for a primary school. The water will be filtered through the filters that the filter device contains, making it a suitable solution for securing drinking water (SDG 6). Iraq has eight warm months, and temperatures exceed 50 degrees in the summer. So, filtration with a cooling device would be a suitable solution to provide drinking water (SDG 6) for a primary school in the village of Mam-Rashan. Filter equipment and filter cooling equipment will ensure the reduction of plastic bottles (PET bottles). Thus, with this provision, we are able to save the environment from waste (SDG 13). Finally, let’s value water; it is the most valuable gift of our country.
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