Bagera village

In the north of Iraq in the Iraqi Kurdistan region is the village of Bagera, which is very diverse, the locals are great people who asked us for help. There is also an IDP community that has found a new safe home there. The generosity of the host community is much appreciatedandrespected by everyone. However, they have one big problem and that is the lack of water. There are many reasons that affect the lack of water such as lack of rainfall, climate warming, outdated water supply system, drying up of original wells, economic instability, acceptance of IDP community and thus increase in population in the village. All of these are factors of the lack of water in Bagera.
Water is important for all of and for all factors, for us our daily life, survival, growing crops, raising livestock, maintaining personal hygiene, drinking regimen, etc.
Thanks to financial support from the SK official development assistance program, Slovakaid, and thanks to our partners Slovak Catholic Charity for funding the project entitled “Supporting the development of the villages of Hatarah and Bagera”. We can bring a smile back into people’s lives, especially into children’s lives, and secure sources of drinking water, which will ease their difficult situation. Thanks to the provision of sustainable sources of drinking water and training that will ensure drinking water for the village of Bagera, but also in the village of Hatarah.
Big thanks to everyone involved in the project.
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