Well drilling in Bagera and Hatarach villages

Regarding artesian wells, each well is essentially specific, even the depths of the borehole differ. The wells and the water in them differ exclusively in their geological setting. The water is held in a layer of porous rock, which is topped by a layer that doesn’t let water through. If we drill into the layer that won’t let water through, the water will shoot up or rise because it wants to float. This level is still below the surface of the earth, and the deeper the well, the deeper the pump needs to be installed.
We already have a borehole drilled in the village of Hatarah, that exceeds the depth of 300 m, the reason being the lack of rainfall and climate change. We are building a protective room that protects the electric generator, distribution system, and pump.
The project is being implemented by Shingala Azad organization for humanitarian assistance. Many thanks go to the financial support of the project from the SlovakAid program of the official development assistance of the Slovak Republic. Thanks also to Shingala Azad partner, Slovak Catholic Charity.
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