Help for IDP communities, well drilling in Bagera and Hatarach villages

It has already been an incredible 8 years since the so-called Islamic State, also known as Daesch, took control of a large area, especially the province of Nineveh in Iraq. Many internal displaced people still live in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which opened its doors and provided aid to them in 2014. The situation in the province of Nineveh is still unstable due to many military groups, each wanting the territory for themselves. Internal displaced communities are afraid to return and therefore many of them have settled in villages in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The increase of population is very difficult for the local government and with many other problems, it is difficult to provide the basic necessities of life for both the local and the IDP communities. Together with our partners, we provided water sources for local and displaced residents. Water is the most important thing for our survival and without it there is no life, that is why we also focus on this form of help. We are currently implementing two more wells in the villages of Bagera and Hatarah. Thanks to financial support from the Slovak official development aid program, Slovakaid.

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