Aid to earthquake victims

We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life and massive destruction in Syria. Since the earthquake there have been hundreds of aftershocks. The strongest was 7.5 magnitude, adding to the devastation. Thousands of people are died and injured.
Funding is urgently needed to help people affected by the earthquakes and survive this crisis and begin their recovery. Thankfully, CARITAS SLOVAKIA initiated in providing Shingala Azad with the cost to purchasing and taking food parcels and other essential needs to Syria
Moreover, many of the hardest-hit communities are in northwestern Syria. They are without adequate shelter, food and basic necessities as temperatures plunge well below freezing.
As part of our work with the financial assistance of CARITAS SLOVAKIA to support essential services in affected areas, we are as Shingala Azad Organization launching to take a shipment of food and essential needs to Syria in different countrysides. This will include providing thousands of households with essential items and hygiene supplies including blankets.
To recapitulate, this wouldn’t have been possible without help of CARITAS SLOVAKIA.

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