Clean water means life, health, food, leisure, energy and much more

Clean water means life, health, food, leisure, energy and much more. For people all over the world, water is not only a necessary need for our body, but also a resource from which we benefit every day in our daily life. In households, we usually use it for cooking, cleaning, showering. Water is also used in the production of food, clothing and many other products. On hot summer days, it refreshes our body.

Artesian wells are the main source of water supply for the people of Iraq and the Iraqi Kurdistan region which provide water to villages, sub districts, districts and towns where needed. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of artesian wells in the country and many of the original wells are drying up due to a lack of rainfall, so it is necessary to drill wells much deeper than, for example, 40 years ago. It depends on the quality of the water, so it is important that the location of the well is determined by a good experienced water analyst.
Our organization together with our partners with the Slovak Catholic Charity have been trying to solve the water shortage for 6 years. We together could/can implement artesian well projects. Many thanks go to the financial support of the project from the SlovakAid official development assistance program of the Slovak Republic and the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia to make the projects possible

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