Imagine high summer temperatures, but not 30 or 40 degrees

Imagine high summer temperatures, but not 30 or 40 degrees, but often 50 to 52 degrees and on these hot days not having access to water! At present, in the Republic of Iraq reach temperatures of up to 50 degrees, and many local and displaced people are in need of both drinking and utility water supplies. We are working to help them in this regard and to secure the supply of potable water to local and displaced people in the Republic of Iraq and in the autonomous part of Iraq (Kurdistan). We have been building wells for 3 years with the financial support of Slovakaid, the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia and our partners of the Slovak Catholic Charity, which we have already built 15 wells and thus provided drinking water supplies to those in need. We are currently working on a drinking water security project in the villages of Hasan Ava and Shekhka, which are about to be completed. Thus, locals and displaced people will soon have access to drinking water, thanks to Slovakaid’s financial support. Many other villages and cities are still asking us for help, as there is a shortage of water supplies in the locality. So far, we have 37 new requests, perhaps we will also help them.

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