The project of building three wells in the villages

The project of building three wells in the villages of Ba’ashiqah near Bahzan was successfully completed, we are very happy and thank you very much for the financial support and cooperation on the project with SlovakAid, Caritas Slovakia – Slovak Catholic Charity and Bishops Conference of Slovakia. Thanks to the project completion, now the inhabitants of the municipalities have drinking water and can develop their agricultural activities, looking forward to new projects with our partners.

Ba’ashiqah and Bahzani project 

Arabic speaker:

In the name of Ba’ashiqah and Bahzani people I would like to thank  Shingala-Azad NGO for digging three water wells project. Two wells for  the purified potable water and the other for agriculture resources.

Of course, the project includes two tanks, three electricity generators and  with connection these tanks with general pipes.

In this occasion, I’ll also like to acknowledge SlovakAid and Caritas  Slovakia for the provision of this service to our village.

This project has been implemented for many purposes and it has given  the chance of working for our villagers such as workers, professionals,  materials sellers, dyers and carpenters etc. So all the cost of the project  nearly went to village’s individuals and all made benefit from this project.  We can state this project brought back life to this region.

Finally we thank all partners who could join Shingala-Azad NGO and  provide support to in needs.

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