How our humanitarian organization reacted to the current situation

How our humanitarian organization reacted to the current situation of the Covid-19 disease and how we have already succeeded. From the perspective of our users and help, information packs have been created on basic hygiene habits in defending against Covid-19. We distributed leaflets to our medical centers in the Nineveh area, one in Sinjar and the other in Sherfadin It is possible that your health centers are prepared and equipped with the necessary medical materials necessary to prevent the infection and the spread of Covid-19. We started for our patients who within a week of horses lectures on how to prevent Covid-19 infection, the lectures are held by 7 people. The medical personnel themselves have adopted new measures and guidelines set by the Ministry of Health in Iraq. Ensuring the spraying of disinfectants in medical centers and we also provided disinfectants in the village of Sherfadin to prevent the Covid-19 infection. We provide support to displaced people in the Nineveh area who live in the autonomous areas of Iraqi Kurdistan in the village of Sharia outside the crowded refugee camps. Our support was the distribution of 150 food packages. Providing the 350 food parcels that are currently in quarantine for your Covid-19 infection, the reasons for their quarantine are moving outside the area where they live either from a work perspective or on a trip to loved ones

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