Security rules relevant to the current situation Coronavirus

Current situation due to CORONAVIRUS in Iraq and in the autonomous part of Iraqi Kurdistan. The world is currently worried about the development of respiratory diseases caused by a new coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2, when the disease itself is referred to as COVID-19. Many countries have already implemented various measures against the spread of COVID – 19, which are still spread uncontrolled despite the extension of the measure. The first signs of coronavirus infection occurred in Iraq in Basra, followed by Kirkuk, Iraqi Kurdistan the first disease was found in Sulemania Similarly to the world in the Republic of Iraq, the autonomous part of Iraqi Kurdistan was also announced measures against the spread of COVID – 19. On 20.02.2020 the Ministry of Health has banned all public meetings, such as theater performances, weddings, funerals, other various social activities . Elementary schools and universities were also closed for an indefinite period. Other measures followed, such as the closure of shops, excluding the sale of food, which must comply with strict hygiene regulations laid down by the Ministry of Health. At the end of February 2020, borders were closed with neighboring states with Iran, Syria and Turkey, and air traffic was significantly reduced in Iraq and from Iraq to countries known as major sources of infection. The disease caused by the new konavirus has also started to spread uncontrollably from neighboring Iran, which is one of the most affected countries, both with the number of infected and those who have already succumbed to the disease. From March 2020, the Department of Health began to take stricter measures to prevent the spread of the disease as much as possible. The notified measures concern not only a travel ban to other countries but also a restriction on movement to neighboring cities. Access to Nineveh is strictly prohibited. This area can only be visited by soldiers, doctors and medical personnel, but must be given special permission from national or local authorities. Anyone who wants to visit or travel in Iraqi Kurdistan at the moment must undergo a thorough health check and must have an important reason for his visit.

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