The people of Sinjar are very afraid of being infected

Living in constant fear, not knowing what happens tomorrow is the feelings of the Sinjar people. Since 2014, homeless people have been living in refugee camps or in unfinished buildings outside the refugee camps. Many people have already returned to the area, but the situation here is very complicated, there is still a lack of basic necessities, water shortages, electricity shortages, health care, jobs, schools, kindergartens, etc. Thanks to our partners we can help these people.

Bakery in Khanike, Jobs for displaced people from the Sinjar area, free bread for people who were captured by the so-called Islamic State, orphans and the severely ill, are all provided by our Khanike bakery. We thank all who support our project. Big thanks to SlovakAid.

Currently, the most current topic is CORONAVIRUS. The people of Sinjar are very afraid of being infected, so at our clinic we inform patients how to prevent the disease and what CORONAVIRUS is. Thank you Dr. Khalil for lectures.

The basic provision of humanitarian aid certainly does not include the provision of water and basic health care, which is our priority to provide on the territory of the State of Iraq in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan and the province of Nineveh. Furthermore, we focus on the renovation and construction of kindergartens and schools, as the education of children is very important for their future. The provision of drinking water for residents of Iraqi Kurdistan and Nineveh has already helped many people and thanks to these projects people are returning to their villages and towns. We thank our partners Caritas Slovakia – Slovak Catholic Charity, SlovakAid and the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia for realizing these projects. The city of Sinjar was largely destroyed during the war conflicts, including hospitals, health centers. In order to return to their city, indigenous peoples must have a sense of security and basic living needs. Our health centers in Sinjar and Sherfadin provide basic health care to local residents and return people to their homes. We thank our partners Diocesan Caritas Brno and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic for the construction and operation of these clinics. All our projects have a great impact both on the inhabitants and on the reconstruction of the places where there are and have been war conflicts.

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